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Preess Hotel Changsha

Preess Resort Hotel locates beside green mountains and a beautiful lake.Preess Hotel Changsha has 303 guest room/suits, 14 villas and 11 conference rooms, and provide all services from dinner services to entertainment.Preess Hotel Changsha consists several sections: the Main Building, the Building of Conference and Restaurant, SPA, Villas, a Nature Ground and a Platform of View.Hotel periphery pollution-free vegetable base of 90 mu, the production of fruits and vegetables all for hotel kitchen. The whole plant of the hotel as the original vegetation, no artificial transformation, vegetation in the food chain intact, daily release oxygen ion content for the urban area 200 times Purui spa, is a pastoral scenery to enjoy Green ecological enjoyment, but also a healthy leisure to enjoy the enjoyment of cultural tour Changsha purui spa opening time on November 18, 2003, the main building of four floors, a total of 260 rooms (sets) of the instructions The hotel does not provide free disposable toiletries